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Small Business Highlight - Portland, OR

Getting Creative in times of adversity Part 2- how small businesses in Portland, OR are weathering the COVID-19 economic storm.

April 6, 202012 min read
The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article titled ‘Can T-Shirt Sales Save America’s Restaurants?’ - Well, we sure think so. We’re happy to see all of these businesses finding creative new ways to open up revenue streams when conventional means are stunted.
Rouge Comedy Show


Keeping their followers entertained
Rogue Brewing’s loyalists span the far beyond Oregon’s borders. Even though their Oregon taprooms and pubs are closed for a few weeks, they’ve continued to brew their award-winning beer and offered up a couple of forms of entertainment to keep us coming back for more. To keep us laughing, they’re continuing their Wednesday night comedy shows online and set up a Venmo to send some dollars to the fine folks doing the entertaining. They’ve also created a “Batsquatch” coloring printable for those who are artistically inclined. You can find all of this on their Instagram and website and tune in Wednesday nights for their Instagram Live Dead Comics Society.

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