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Small Business Highlight - Texas

Getting Creative in times of adversity Part 3- how small businesses in Texas are weathering the COVID-19 economic storm

April 7, 202010 min read

Everywhere we look lately we’re seeing encouraging messages of support and strength. Be it nightly rounds of applause for health workers to late-night host, Steven Colbert’s opening monologue boasting a message of “America, You Got This”, everyone is rallying their support. We’re here to keep reminding you that we will get through this together and we’re excited to share a pint with each and every one of these fine establishments once we’re on the other side of this. We Got This, America.

Tall City

Tall City Brewing

Curbside growlers, e-gift cards, and merch sales won’t keep this Texas brewery doing what they love

The team at Midland, Texas’ Tall City Brewing are not going to let the COVID blues get them down. They’ve turned to curbside growlers and merchandise sales to keep their revenues streaming and to keep the #NationWideCheers going. Though their taproom remains closed, the staff remains hopeful as the community support for their brewery has grown. You can add to their smiles by purchasing an online gift card that they will be happy to redeem up reopening! 

Check out Tall City Brewing on:
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Redhorn Coffee House and Brewing Co.

Keeping customers and followers happy while creating convenience for in-store shoppers

If you take a gander at Redhorn Coffee House and Brewing Co.’s social media you’ll see a collection of the happiest faces this side of the Mississippi. The team at Redhorn is “making the best of it” as they say and serving up some delicious coffee and brews all the while. They’re also helping out their customer base by bringing in some grocery and essential household items for their customer’s ease during these trying times. They’ve also completely sold out of their popular crowlers but, not to worry- they’re fully stocked up with growlers and plenty of coffee to go around. They’ve also got some great merch on their site if you’re not able to stop through. If nothing else, you’re probably going to want to give them a follow just to see some bright faces in your feed. 

Check out Redhorn Coffeehouse and Brewing Co. on:
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

Hops and Grain

Hops and Grain Brewing

Turning their website into an online marketplace for beer sales

Hops and Grain Brewing of Austin, Texas have turned their online shop into a marketplace for beer sales as well as a platform for “virtual tips” to support their staff who are currently out of work due to the current health crisis. Their popular crowlers have been flying off the shelves and the outpouring of support from their community has been overwhelming. In addition to the virtual tip jar, the team’s Go Fund Me campaign to support the bartenders has seen donations from $50 up to $1,000. It’s truly inspiring to see a community come together amidst crisis to show their love and appreciation for businesses like this Austin favorite. 

Check out Hops and Grain on:
Website | Instagram | Twitter

If you or someone you know would like to be featured on We Got This America please reach out at [email protected]. And keep up the good work and community support because together, We Got This America.

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Small Business Highlight - Texas

Getting Creative in times of adversity Part 3- how small businesses in Texas are weathering the COVID-19 economic storm

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