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We Got This America - Video

The video that sparked the launch of a movement

April 1, 202015 min read
We are here to inspire a nation to show their support for the innovators, the mom and pop, the brick and mortar and movers and shakers... We Got This
Our team joined forces with a very talented Bellingham local to create a video for the launch of our new initiative - We Got This, America. Our goal was simple - to inspire the nation’s small businesses to rally their community’s support, while empowering them with a way to monetize it. The result was something beyond our dreams. We love this video and the words spoken within. Please share with someone you love to spread some positivity to your own community during these times of isolation.

If you would like to help, we invite you to share the movement with your local community. At the very least, we want to spread hope and positivity to our nation.

We Got This - Lyrics

This wasn’t part of the plan
This feels wrong...But necessary
Its the result of responsibility

Our neighbors are closing their doors
Some permanently
Now here we sit in isolation feeling impotent
But right now isolation is what it is

Time for self, time for health
A better you is a better we
And it’s not about who started it,
Its how we proceed

We Got This

Let us not forget who we are
Heros, Legends, Pioneers
We are the people that once were, have been and will be
The backbone of America

The innovators, the mom, and pop, the brick and mortar, the movers and shakers
We need you now more than ever
We are community
Fearless in the face of adversity

We Got This

The words “I can’t” have no seat at the table of the brave
The land of the free
For those willing to stay, willing to fight
Willing to take a stand for what’s right
Challenge is both the storm and the calm before
We ride we fall, we get back on the horse
We are the entrepreneurs
Gifted with vision
Change is just an opportunity to pivot

We Got This

For those with empty rooms, empty halls, empty tables, empty seats
Have hope
Conversations, love, and laughter will not be revoked
Dreams will not be postponed, and you
Are not alone

America, We Got This

Directed by: 
Evan Pollock

Performed by: 
Tyler Roberts

Music by: 
Colton Jackson

Produced by:
Brist MFG | Pollock Pictures | Huntley Motion | Brendan Pape | Allison Holterman

Written by:
Tyler Roberts | Evan Pollock | Dakota Huntley

Special Thanks to the following Locations:
Boundary Bay Brewery | Lynden High School | Makeworth Market | JD Elite | Aslan Brewery

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